“For the pleasure of preparing nothing,
La Crepe de Paris takes care of everything.”

La Crepe de Paris is dedicated in providing excellent, authentic French food. We cater for a range of events from formal dinners to casual garden parties, weddings, corporate events and birthdays through to street markets and festivals.

La Crepe de Paris recreates the experience of enjoying French crepes on the street of Paris, with their made to order breakfast, lunch and dessert style crepes.

We can cater for 20 guests to over 200 guests. All you need to do is to make a selection from our menu, tell us the time, venue and number of guests and we will do the rest.

“We will ensure your Gent is successful!“

Do we offer gluten free and vegan options?

Gluten free and vegan butter is available and is highly recommended for any savory crepe. Call “Galette de Sarrasim” in Brittany made from buckwheat flour, which has a variety of healthful qualities. It is an excellent plan source of easily digestive protein and contains all eight essential amino acids. Buckwheat is also high in fiber.

How many crepes can each of my guests have?

During the time we are serving, your guests can enjoy as many crepes as they would like.

How much space do we need for our setup?

Our crepe stall requires approximately 3m x 3m space.

Do we require electricity?

We need 1 outlet of 10 amps for our baine marie and also 1 outlet of 10 amps for the light during night time.


  • Weddings and Engagements
  • Birthdays
  • Party
  • Events
  • Music Festival
  • Food Festival

They trusted us, do like they did!

We have the pleasure to propose you our famous and delicious Crepe cake for any occasion!